Keep Meetings on Track

Gain Control & Focus in your meetings with the AI Moderator tool that's flexible, non-intrusive, and easy to use.

How Moderator Works

In just a few clicks

Our AI assistant scans your upcoming meetings and offers to add the Moderator for larger gatherings via email.

Meeting Prep

After your approval, the AI checks for an agenda and queries the host to set one if needed.

Laser Focus

Moderator keeps the meeting on topic and can be told to 'relax' for flexibility.

Take Back Control Today

Moderator gives you back precious time, and most importantly, keeps you sane.


$10 / Month

  • Up to 10 meetings per month

  • Feedback through direct messages

  • Voice commands to tune Moderator to your needs


$25 / Month

  • Unlimited Moderation

  • Feedback through various channels (coming soon)

  • Early access to new features

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